15 Best Blogs TO Follow About Amazon FBA

By | October 13, 2015

15 Blogs To Follow About Amazon FBA (If You Really Want To Make Money With Amazon FBA)

Top Blog for FBA

Getting into something new can be daunting and time consuming alone not to mention the amount of research that is required in other to gather all the right facts you need. The competition is intense and no one is really showing you the Goose that lays the Golding eggs.

This is where efulfilled comes in to make your life much easier and better with timely information on how to succeed with Amazon FBA.

As you may have already red on my quick introduction to Amazon FBA and my simple start guide with Amazon FBA, this post is a step further into helping you with a one stop hub for top finding 15 best blogs to follow about Amazon FBA if you really want to succeed in this industry.

If you haven’t read those yet, i will recommend you do as it will help pick you up on the right track before continuing with this best blogs to follow about Amazon FBA.

If you have read them already then lets waste no time and carry on!

I will like to emphasis here that the list below are in no particular order and they are not measured by any parameter other than my personal experience which again may differ from individual to individual personal use and experiences.

I have managed to group them into two parts niches for easier understanding which are:


I am a strong proponent of private labeling as it has proven to be where the money is but nevertheless, i will start with the later so that a lot more folks can get the right help they needed.


Other Sub-Niches Within Amazon FBA

These sub-niches includes: Retail Arbitrage, Wholsale Arbitraging and Treasure Hunting. The following sites do combine this niches very well and they are worthy of reading up.

These are:-

1, FULL TIME FBA By Stephen

15 best blogs to follow about fba

Full Time FBA is a good first place to start turning your part time hours into a full time income through the Amazon FBA. Stephen who is the founder started selling since 1998 and since then has managed to turn his simple hobbies into a full blown business thanks to Amazon FBA.

As you can see, the blog has a lot to offer those looking to succeed within the industry with armful of training and coaching.

My Favorite Recent Post From The Blog:




15 best blogs to follow with fba

Ree Klein is the founder of escapingdodge and she is very passionate about her work. One thing i like most about escapingdodge is the ability to show you what is working from what it not working.

Ree does not beat about the bush when it comes to transforming your relation with money and she takes no prisoners when it comes to showing you what is working and what’s not.

My Recent Favorite Posts From The Blog:

This is one hell of a blog i will follow closely if i where you especially if you are really serious about overcoming failures to become successful with Amazon FBA.




15 best blogs to follow with amazon fba

OnlineSellingExperiment is another great blog to follow most especially for its transparency and ability to test things on the go. Ryan is another true blogger who is not faced by uploading his monthly income statement live on his blog so you too can see what has worked for him and do the same. He is very passionate about what he does and he is more than happy to share his thoughts and tips.

My Recent Favorite From The Blog:

The blog is great place to see what’s working and learn while you read. His experiments are his experiences both on going and to be continued. Which makes it a great blog to follow.



15 best blogs to follow with fba

One thing i found peculiar with this blog is their great tip on how to find sold out items on Amazon to resell although it is among their paid for course but imagine how helpful such info could be to folks. The blog provides good resources and various tools to make life much easier with selling in Amazon FBA and i think it will be a great place to refer when you get stuck.



15 best blogs to follow about fba


NICHEPURSUITS is a complete hub for a great deal of resources for any online enterprenuer who want to become their own boss.

Spencer who is the founder of NICHEPAURSUITS is a high success driven individual who is very passionate about his work with a good tendency to share his knowledge with you so you can do better. Among his many creation is Long Tail Pro which is one of the best keyword tool out there.

His journey through Amazon FBA from scratch is why i added him here as i know it will inspire the hell out of you to start FBA selling sooner.

Just Read These Post From His Blog:

This is one blog you will want to follow very closely. Also he has come to love private labeling as he has just found huge potential to scale higher with his FBA business.




best blogs to follow about fba

Pickingprofitsblog is a wonderful place to find more insightful tips about Amazon FBA business.

The blogs knows how to pick treasures where you never expected it to be and if you are into retail or whole sale arbitrage, then this will be a very handy blog to keep an eye on.

Favorite Post From The Blog:



7, BOOKTOTHEFUTURE BY Nathan Holmouist

one of the top blogs to follow about fba

Nathan is a true giver, a master and also very passionate about his work. He takes no prisoners when it comes to giving valuable stuffs away and his quality free contents speaks volumes. His free ebook is a must read. He also break every variable cost of shipping books to Amazon down per unit and all other fees you need to know.

If you are thinking of selling book with Amazon FBA, Nathan’s blog should be your second home online.

Favorite Posts From The Blog:




another top blog to follow about amazon fba

TheSellingFamily blog is a good example of how ordinary people can turn their ordinary hobbies into a full blown online business in short period of time. I first noticed Jessica and her husband while listening to Pat Flynn’s podcast at Smart Passive Income blog and i was totally amazed by what they have done for themselves so far.

This is a true selling family and they are more than happy to show you the rope.

My Favorite Recent Posts From The Blog:

These two has been making six figures a year using FBA and they have great contents on their blog that can help folks a lot.



Now before i continue with the remaining list that falls under this category let me quickly state that private labeling is the business idea that entails you having your own product and putting your own name or brand on it as your own with all rights reserved.

Time and time has proven that private labeling is the way to go if you really want to make it big time with selling Amazon FBA.

Now Moving on, the following blogs falls under the categories and they are doing more than very well with private labeling selling with Amazon FBA.



great blog to follow about amazon fba


StartUpBros blog is becoming a household name when it comes to starting something new on your own. It is hardly unnoticeable any where on twitter for example when you typed in startup with a hash tag without having StartUpBros name popping up on list your of findings.

This blog is the bus stop for all entrepreneurs who are trying to get started in importation business as well. I like this blog mostly because:

  • Their content is raw and original
  • These two have so much passion in what they do that it is so contagious that they are not afraid of spreading the good news.
  • Their contents are real life cases
  • Down to earth dudes who are trying to help folks out
  • They are very thorough with attention to details.
  • These two dudes will literally give you the motivation you needed to give your fear of importation a swift kick in the butt to get started
  • These two dudes take no prisoners when it comes to showing you the rope. No wonder they are millionaires now. In fact billionaires by now, if i am not mistaking!!!

My Favorite From  Posts The Blog:

Their free stuffs will complete blow your mind and this is one hell of a blog you will want to keep a very close eye on. Very tenaciously if you will.



thnking amazon fba follow this blog

Chris has made a name for himself in the Amazon business world with so many books of his own. His current software Amasuite is a very powerful tool every Amazon seller needs.

You will not only learn how to grow your internet business but also learn how to become a successful seller as an Amazon associate.

His recent post and podcasts about selling Amazon FBA was what prompted my adding him here as i believe it will  be of great benefit for you to read and learn from:-




a great blog to follow about fba

Will is a great inspiration and his blog is a wonderful place to learn what is working from what’s not. He has made millions selling on Amazon and he is an expert in FBA just as his blog implies.

His contents are down to earth and he takes no prisoners when it comes to showing you everything that can help you do better. The number of guest post on his platform speaks volume about his rep.

My Favorite Recent Post From The Blog:



amazingseller is a good blog to follow fba

Scott is a success driven family man who love what he does with great passion to help other as well. He is the pioneers of mixing podcast and blogging together in the Amazon FBA niche market and thousands of folks has benefited from his great talents.

He is an expert in private label as well and his blog has always been an inspiration for those in the niche. His contents are raw and original and he has this special ability to relate to his readers with direct question and answers.

Favorite Recent Blog Posts:-




This is a great blog that will help you level up your earning potential in your choosing business aim. It is poised to inspire, educate and empower people to leave extra-ordinary lives.

Ryan is a great inspiration to lots of folks, an expert at what he does, a blogger and a pod-caster at its best.

Favorite Posts:

There are tons of other free resources to help you do more on this blog and therefore it is one blog you will love to keep very closely and follow.



amazon fba top blogs to follow

This is another great blog that specializes on private label selling and core successful business to pursue in Amazon FBA. The share volume of free information on this blog alone is worth the trip and it is simply all “about the life style” just as the motto implies.

Recent Posts:



12 must follow top blogs about amazon fba

This is what its name really is “Import Dojo”. Everything you need to know about starting your own importation and then some.

Recent Post:


Finally This List Will Not Be Complete Without efulfilled.com My Website

efulfilled is your central hub of tips and guides to successfully selling with Amazon FBA. I will continue to bring you to the lime light of what, why and how to in this niche so you can better position yourself.

The list above is not all there is. Believe me there are other powerful blogs out there i may not have known and mentioned and that is where you come in. Feel free to mention those in the box below with any comment or question about this post and i will get back to you immediately.

All the information i provided about will amount to nothing if you do not take action and start your own. Now is the right time because there is no such thing as the perfect time to start. Learn from the best, ask for help and study what it is working for you.

If you need materials or items to get started with, then go to my resources and tools page here and you will find items that will make things a lot easier for you.

Don’t forget to share this post to your friends and colleagues on your social media networks if you like the post or found it useful today.

Until then i rest my case and see you soon on my up coming posts.



20 thoughts on “15 Best Blogs TO Follow About Amazon FBA

  1. Ron Alderman

    This is an oustanding post. I knew that Amazon did Fulfilment but I did not know until reading you blog and other pages on your site that there was a term for it. Your review and reading list recommendations are oustanding. I appreciate the detail and feel that I could use this as a reference. Thanks so much for this.

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Hi Ron,

      Thanks a lot for your wonderful and heartfelt comment i really appreciate that. Yes indeed there is huge gap those who are really into the industry and the right information they needed to succeed. Also it is something i like doing myself hence why i founded efulfilled.com to help folks give their fear of selling with Amazon FBA a swift kick in the butt and get started.

      Thanks again and please feel free to ask if you ever get stuck a long the way.


  2. edy

    Hi Richard,
    I know one out of those 15 blogs you mention here. It is Freedom Fastlane by Ryan. He’s quite successful in promoting Amazon products. I actually know him from Wealthy Affiliate. He was a former member many years ago. I also followed his youtube channel where he gives away podcast content and google hangouts with his tribe.
    Anyway, great information for those who wanted to start out in Fulfillment by Amazon. !

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Hi Edy,

      Thanks for commenting and i am glad to hear that you actually knew one of the blog owners on the list. Yes there are huge need for valuable information in the field and my site is well poised to solve that problem by providing it to those who need it.

      Thanks again and all the best.

  3. ~ t

    With all very sincere and due respect as a first time visitor (and since I’m brand spankin’ new to Wealthy Affiliates) what does FBA mean? What is Amazon FBA? I find this later via a link…however would you be so kind as to define it for me as a reader/visitor to your website on each and every page (just by putting FBA-Fulfilled by Amazon)? I notice a typo in your post/page: 15 Blogs To Follow About Amazon FBA (If You Really Want To Make Money With Amazon FBA)….(this one: If you have red them already then lets waste no time and carry on with this then!) I think you meant to spell read …I still have to learn how to put affiliate marketing on my website. You’ve accomplished a compelling job of it via your website. Best success to you now and always! ~ t

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Thanks for your commenting and your polite constructive and i have taken the appropriate step to make the necessary corrections.

      To your question yes and if you noticed, i have taken the time to explain both your queries on my other pages which are:-

      Introduction to Amazon FBA

      And A Simple Start With Amazon FBA selling

      If you have further question please do not hesitate to ask me here.


      1. t

        Thanks for updating and helping me understand all this great information. I can’t begin to tell you how very sincerely I appreciate learning about Amazon affiliates and Amazon FBA as great approaches for me to make money online. You’re my new GO-TO for these two specific ways to make money online. There’s so much to learn on your website…it’s very informative! Great job! ~ t

  4. Lee Zhi Wei

    Hi Richard,

    I’m currently promoting Amazon products & was wondering if following any of the 15 blogs will improve my chances of getting my site listed on google? I’m actually from Wealthy Affiliate & I have no idea how to further improve my google rankings because all keywords seems to be taken up by the pioneer batches

    All in all, useful information for those who wanted to start out in Fulfillment by Amazon.

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Hi Lee Thanks for commenting.

      In as much as Amazon affiliates and Amazon FBA selling may sound similar, yet they quite two distinctive approaches to making money online through Amazon.

      Following these blogs will not automatically improve your ranking in Google and it is not a prerequisite to such but rather will help increase your knowledge base on how to better position yourself selling with Amazon FBA.

      Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great place to learn a lot about making money as an Amazon affiliate and there a lots of video tutorials within that will guide you better on how to rank especially with low hanging fruit keywords and by using both WA Keyword Tool and Jaaxy Research Tool to your best advantage.

      This blog on the other hand will help you with valuable tips and guides on how to kick start a successful Amazon FBA selling, especially private labeling.

      I hope this helped you today?

      Thanks again for the comment.

  5. Karla

    Great information on online selling. I have always been interested in selling on Amazon but have only sold a small amount of products. I have often wondered about the secrets of making it into a full time business. Your page is loaded with information.


    1. Richard U. Post author

      Thanks Karla for the comment and good job on your attempting to sell on Amazon before as you mentioned.

      On the pages here you will find out that Amazon FBA selling is different kettle of fish entirely and if done well with the right information like on this site, you will surely get up and running really good especially with private labeling of your own branded product.

      Thanks again for commenting.

  6. Alexander

    What a wonderful post , plenty of very informative information here .I have been looking into Amazon and didn’t realise the extent of the opportunity . Researching the various opportunities will be a rewarding experience I am sure What you have created with this site is a one stop shop . Much appreciated .

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Thanks and i do appreciate your commenting too.

      Indeed you are right and one stop shop for all your Amazon FBA selling tips and guides is what this blog is all about, especially private labeling because that is where the main money activity is. Which by the way is the idea of making and selling your own private branded product on Amazon FBA. Rather than selling other people’s products.

      I am glad you found the post helpful today and thanks again for commenting.

  7. Edward

    Thanks for the excellent article. I have come across niche pursuit quite some time ago and liked a lot of their blog posts.
    Amazon FBA is something I’ve heard about earlier but never did any meaningful research into it. Thanks for the helpful resources you have in your blog! It does seem like FBA is a good business model

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Thanks Edward,

      Indeed it is and i appreciate your commenting.

      It is one hell of great business opportunity too good to pass up especially when you look at the current market share of Amazon in the competitive field out there. Lots of things are happening and Amazon FBA selling is indeed making entrepreneurs and importers rich month by month.

      Surely not a get rich quick scheme and it will involve buying and selling. But the with right information on your side i believe the sky will be your beginning. And that is what this blog out to achieve.

      Thanks again for commenting and i am glad you found the post valuable today.

  8. Jawad

    Great list! I’m actively following Full Time FBA as well as The Amazing Seller. They are both great.
    I’m going to take a look to the remaining 13 blogs.
    I’m looking to learn as much as possible on Amazon FBA and this list seems to be a great starting point


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