About Me

Hi my name is Richard U. and I am the founder of efulfilled.com. I efulfilledam a proud dad to a beautiful little girl and I love the freedom of spending time with my family.

Couple of years back I did try to make money online through Amazon associate and I did couple of reviews on niche products and helped lots of folks make the right choice with their quest. With the competition in all things affiliate marketing, even you will agree with me that it is not a quit your job sooner kind of situation to be in.

I founded efulfilled because I noticed a lot of people are having trouble finding the best step by step guide to success eCommerce.

I also noticed that the eCommerce market has grown sporadically since 2013 with non stop momentum meaning it is now here to stay and it’s an ever green niche market with steady  growth.

And also I have been getting a lots of questions from folks on how to properly establish  their sales without having to invest in storage and handling so they can maximize their profit.

Also I have tried my hand on private labeling which is by the way where the money is, but unfortunately for me I was not equipped with the the right information and financial resources that could have enabled me take full advantage of amazon FBA opportunities or any eCommerce opportunities out there.

Before the above, I had an experience where I was able to contact some reliable product manufacturers directly in China through Alibaba which is by the way the best thing that has ever happened to sourcing for products from China and world wide.

I will quickly like to point out that contacting and sourcing for a reliable suppliers and or manufacturers in China can be a total pain in the butt and worse when you have no clue, but if you know what you want and you are able to do it well, it can be a gold mine for a real successful business venture. Also it will take me a whole lots of pages and even a new ebook to explain how to do this properly but for now lets get back to getting to know me.

When I realized that Amazon FBA is the best way to literally automate your product directly and Amazon will take it from their and handle both delivery and customer services for a fractional fee, i thought well this will be a great relief for a lot of serious business minded folks out their.

I also noticed that even though you can add used products to the amazon FBA, the best results and success stories always come from those who has access to their own new products with private labels or new products. Meaning you sourced your product, you owned it and it is has your brand on it.

What inspired me most among the reasons i mentioned earlier to create efufilled.com is my intent to help folks who want to go into this niche so they can gain valuable information I never had when I ventured into it.

I also have a bigger plan for efulfilled.com in the near future which am afraid you going to have to wait and see but for now I assure you one thing; you will find valuable information on this site that will enable you better position yourself to succeeding with Amazon FBA.


Why You Should Be In the Fulfillment Selling Market especially with Amazon FBA or eCommerce business.

  • You are here today because you are looking for valuable information about a reliable platform that can provide your small business opportunity to establish sales without having to invest in storage and handling.
  • You should be in this niche because there are over 2 million third party sellers on the Amazon marketplace worldwide, generating around 50% of Amazon’s total sales
  • You should be in this niche market because Amazon handles customer service and returns with FBA orders, which to be honest can be a perk for sellers who are not customer service oriented.
  • You should be in this niche because you can have access to Amazon FBA Prime eligible shipping as well as 24/7 Customer Service and delivery tracking which means peace of mind for you and your customers.
  • You should be in this niche because an Amazon 2013 study indicated that FBA increased sales by more than 20% for 73% of Amazon sellers using this program.
  • You should be in this niche because it is more “hands off” than the normal buying and selling or e-commerce business with Amazon handling the bulk of the work.
  • There are over seven major eCommerce players out there to join with Shopify more prominent and prevailing one.

Plus many more reason you may have but the point here is you need the right information and you want to know what is working and how better to position yourself.

I must also emphasis here that Amazon FBA is not a get rich quick scheme as you already know. You must have to work and in fact you will need some capital to make a head start if you really want to make it happen.

I wouldn’t advice going all in but test the waters with little budget and test your results for what is working from what’ not.


Thank you for coming and i hope you found value here with efulfilled.com

Feel free to brows around and contact me if you have any question or drop me a comment in the box below.