Shopify Build a Bigger Business Competition with Tony Robbins

By | February 15, 2017

Shopify Build a Bigger Business Competition with Tony Robbins and your business will never be the same. Shopify team has done it again and this time they are going even bigger in bringing to their existing members a greater opportunity to increase their business.

They are introducing Shopify‘s build a BIGGER Business Competition with Tony Robbins as seen in the video above. So if you are an existing member of Shopify, this is your chance to expand your business and take it to the next level.

Every year they do this. They inspire people to pursue their hearts goals. They provide opportunities for small business owners to do what they love doing every day by providing incredible prizes with great experiences as toppings.

Shopify has enabled over 100,000 merchants across the globe to launch their business through the Build a Business Competition. This they do every year by way of challenging inexperienced newbies and entrepreneurs with one question that boils down to the fact they can do more. So the question is; can you sell the most?

They have been doing this for the past 7 years and this time it is even BIGGER. Now it is up to you to answer the same question.

The Build a BIGGER Business Introduction

Shopify Build a Bigger Business Competition with Tony Robbins

This year’s Build a Bigger Business Competition will take place at the castle inspired by a modern masterpiece, An Island owned by a knighted business mogul and a celebrity mentor-ship featuring the likes of Tony Robbins and Russell Simmons. Watch what Seth Godin has to say on the above video and ask yourself; how could they make Build a Business Bigger this time?

And just to let you know in case you are wondering what happened to the flagship Build a Business competition they already hold every year, is still going ahead and is even stronger.

Only this time they are going bigger with Build a BIGGER Business Competition.

How to Build a Bigger Business Competition Works

The following criteria will qualify you to participate in this competition. Therefore to enter your business in this competition, your store must possess the following features:

  • Your business must be a privately help business for at least over a year
  • You should already be selling on Shopify. Or migrate to Shopify by February 28 2017
  • You must have sold at least the value of $1 million to $50 million during 2016

That is it.

To submit your application, you have up till February 28th to do so.

Sales during the month of 1st March 2017 to 31st July 2017 will be used to ascertain winners in several growth categories.

All participants will have full access to all learning tools and support from mentors during the competition period and all through.

The main program which is the Build a BIGGER Business Academy will be made available to all participants. You can find out more about these requirements on their Terms and Conditions here

Also if you are new to Shopify, you can read a full and insightful review of Shopify here. This will enable you to know how to start selling on the platform plus all the pros and cons you need to know.

What Prizes Are There To Be Won?

Two business with the biggest growth in sales and volume during the competition will be chosen to receive their grand prizes which includes:

  • An entrepreneur get-away at the Namale Resort and Spa in Fiji with Tony Robbins and a host of other business mentors. (This is a once in a lifetime opportunity)
  • A marketing deal worth $1 million (USD) that comes with advertising, branding, and public relation strategies from well known creative agencies
  • Airfare to New York City to help ring the opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange


The Build a BIGGER Business competition winners from six additional categories will be selected from the 50 top entrants with the highest percentage growth in sales.

Those will also join their grand prize winners in New York City and Fiji and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Shopify‘s pick
  • Best marketing strategy
  • Best raving fan culture
  • Tony Robbins Choice
  • Best scale business strategy


Build a Bigger Business Mentors

The mentors are industrial experts as you can see from the below pictures:

Build a BIGGER Business Mentors

These are the mentors of Build a Bigger Business who are industry experts as you can see. With Author and Entrepreneur Tony Robbins who is back as the official competition partner.

The Program is hosted by Amber Mac also an Author and Entrepreneur.

The competition is backed by big sponsorship like the NYSE, Sid Lee, etc.

Shopify team even claimed this is yet a start of bigger things to come. Since the launch of the competition in 2010, up to 30 winners have made business’ of over $1 million happen according to the team.

Now the question still remain. Could Shopify‘s build a BIGGER business competition with Tony Robbins help you sell the most?

Enter your business now and find out



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4 thoughts on “Shopify Build a Bigger Business Competition with Tony Robbins

  1. Riaz Shah

    Hey Richard,

    Loving this post of yours, being an entrepreneur is fun and challenging but after some time you’ll tend to lose sight of your goal and so having short injections of motivation like this comes in handy for me 😀

    Anyone can build a business but I think Shopify made a pretty good move of inciting energy through competition. I’ma bit unclear on one of the requirement part though, what’s a privately help business?

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Yes indeed you are right. we tend to loose sight of greater things ahead sometime due to too many distractions and shiny objects. I am glad I could help refocus you perspectives in this regards.

      Privately help in this context means every start up business under private ownership, sole trader status or intermediate which is doing very well already.

      The focus here I believe is to help well doing entrepreneurs make more millions become more successful.

      Hope this helps?


  2. Anh Nguyen

    Hey Richard,

    Thanks for sharing this competition on Shopify. I’m so excited to hear about such a good service to sells you things at. I haven’t had a product yet, but I’ll keep this in mind, I love the idea of having mentors and some of those names are huge like Tim Ferris and Marie Forleo, I’ve always been a big fan of them.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Richard U. Post author

      Hi Anh,

      Thanks for the comment. yes it a huge one and well spoken of that it will show case all the names of successful and well known entrepreneurs will be there. If your business passes the criteria i will recommend you attend. All the big names you mentioned and many more will be attending.

      Thanks again.


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