Shopify Instagram Marketing: How To Set It Up

By | May 7, 2018

shopify Instagram marketing: how to set it up

In this article, you will learn how Shopify Instagram marketing works and how to quickly set it up in few minutes. This means you can now sell your products on Instagram by simply tagging them when they show up in your Instagram posts.

As we all know, or maybe you haven’t heard yet, Shopify just rolled out massive Instagram sales channels which means you can now reach your market scope wider than you ever dreamed of before. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social apps around with over 500 million daily users, you can easily connect with users by simple branding.

With this new development. your customers can find your products via your Shopify merchant’s Instagram post, and easy checkout in your Shopify store.

How To Add Shoppable Instagram To Shopify In Less Than 4 Minutes

Below is a quick video that will show you how to quickly add shoppable Instagram to Shopify

Shopify Instagram marketing: how to set it up
To sell your product on Instagram, you need to tag them when they show up in your Instagram posts. That way potential customers who saw your tagged items on Instagram can tap a link to view it and maybe end up buying the product in your online store.

Requirements To Use Instagram Sales Channel

You must have to meet the following requirement in other to be able to use Instagram sales channel.

  1. Face channel that comes with an authorized or approved Facebook shop is a must have
  2. A business profile on Instagram must be set up
  3. Online Store sales channel must be used
  4. You have to be on the Shopify Basic plan or higher to be able to set up the Instagram sales channel
  5. You must check that the Instagram app you are using is the latest version especially in consideration of which country you are in.

First Set Up Facebook Sales Channel

Since Instagram became part of Facebook, it has become not just necessary but important that you must first set up Facebook sales channel first before setting up Instagram sales channel.

You must also make sure that you have Facebook product or shop page and that you have included products or items in your catalog.

If you are not using Facebook shop page already, then you are going to need to set one up soon as possible. If you already have Facebook shop page and you have already sold on Facebook shop page before then this automatically qualifies you as meeting the requirement.

Setting Up Instagram Sales Channel

There are two steps required to convert any Instagram profile to an Instagram business profile.

  1. First, if you are already using Instagram, simply open your profile and go to your settings.
  2. You will see a button that says “tap to switch to business profile” hit on that and follow the simple steps by steps to connecting Instagram with your Facebook business page. Always be sure that you are connecting the Facebook page that has Shopify added to it or else it’s back to square one.

The good news is that Facebook has a brilliant help center that explained much more about converting Instagram profile to a Facebook business profile in no time.

Also, you must remember that products sold on Facebook must have to follow all guides and be in compliance with

Facebook commerce policies

Shopify Instagram Marketing: How To Set It Up

Country Requirements For Instagram Sales Channel

To be able to use Instagram sales channel, you need to be situated in one of the following countries or locations:

Germany, Argentina, Panama, Australia, Greece, Paraguay, Austria, Hungary, Peru, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Belize, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Latvia, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Canada, Luxemburg, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta, South Africa, Cyprus, Mexico, Spain, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Norway, United Kingdom, Ecuador, United States, Finland, Uruguay and France.


So far, I have shown you how to integrate your Instagram with your Shopify store and start selling online. You have seen the country requirement which pretty much covers all the major area include the US, Canada, and the majority of Europe. I have shown you the what you needed to have in place before setting up an Instagram sales channel. Also, show you how to switch your Instagram profile to a business profile and then integrate that with your Facebook shop page that already has Shopify products on it.

Again always remember to first set up a Facebook sales channel before setting up Instagram sales channel. If you have already sold products or items via Facebook shop page before then, that means you have already met the requirement.

If you want to know how to increase your business sales on Shopify, go to this article out here. There is a 21 free video tutorial included in the article that was put together by Ezra Firestone. It is a practical guide on how he did it and it will benefit you much going forward.
Also if you want to learn how to get your first sales in 30 days the Samurai way then read this article here. You will not only find the step by step to achieving this, you will also find where to get the best traffic to your online store too.

Now if you are totally new to Shopify and will like to know what it is all about first then I will recommend you read this insightful review of Shopify here which has everything you need to know.

If you are ready the set up your online store and start selling online, you can always start with Shopify free trial just to see what fits with your eCommerce business.

This is how you set up your Shopify Instagram marketing online. What is your experience with Shopify? If you have any question or comments please do so in the box provided below and I will get back to you immediately. Please help us share to your social media so others can benefit as well.

Shopify Instagram Marketing: How To Set It Up

2 thoughts on “Shopify Instagram Marketing: How To Set It Up

  1. Furkan

    Actually I am not using Facebook shop page and I honestly don’t have any idea how to run it. What do you recommend for a beginner like me? Can you recommend a training which I can learn quickly? Or are the free sources enough? I just want to finish it as soon as possible since I will start working pretty soon.

    1. Richard U. Post author

      No problem you are just in the right place and in a right timing. As matter of fact, I will direct you to a 21 videos free course on this website that talks about how to get started from the scratch. It includes everything and an actionable plan you can implement immediately. Make sure you watch it through to the end. 

      Hope this helps you today?

      Let me know how you are getting on.



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