Simple Start With Amazon FBA

By | September 17, 2015

Looking To Start Selling With Amazon FBA For the First Time? A Must Read Before You Start!

Simple Start Up With Amazon FBA

As we all know, anything worth doing is worth doing well, so is getting the idea of a simple start with Amazon FBA and if you are still looking for how to start selling with Amazon FBA for the first time? Then this report will do you good in more ways than one.


Purpose Of This Post

In this article today, you will find:-

  1. Overview of how to start with Amazon FBA
  2. Items you will need to have very handy before setting up your Amazon FBA account
  3. Things to watch out and be careful with when signing your agreement
  4. Perhaps link to the tools and resources I have put together that will help you manage better and make great progress even faster.


From my researches and what i have noticed on this topic, a lot of folks tend to skip through this issue so quickly because they want to sell you one shiny object or another that promises to show you the holy grail of how to make tons of money selling with fulfillment by Amazon.

I am not going to do any comparison between eBay and Amazon for the sole reason that it is not the purpose of this report in any way.

So if you are in a hurry to find that holy grail and jump right in with your credit cards to buy every shine object thrown at you then good luck. But if you are ready to really understand what you need and how to get started smartly in selling with Amazon FBA, then continue reading and you will thank me later.


Overview Of How To Start With Amazon FBA

If you are planning to sell online, it will be more advantageous to consider Amazon’s fulfillment program known as FBA which stands for “Fulfillment By Amazon”. Also known as Fulfillment company that provides storage and shipping services to their client’s products. The client here is you the seller, and your buyers already exist in the Amazon market place which makes them your buyers and your ready made market.

Once you have an Amazon selling account, you can contact the Amazon customer service department to help you set up your FBA account which also gives you an actual FBA representative who will also be helping you with any issues in the future and will actually work you through your first shipment.

But before you jump right in, there are things you the seller and as a business person should know in advance because these are things no one will easily tell you about getting started except may be you did your thorough research just like you are doing right now on my site today.

I will discourse these step in the next paragraph below.


Items You Will Need Very Handy Before Setting Up Your Amazon FBA Account

The list below consist of item you need to consider having very handy before starting the process of creating your Amazon FBA account. Some are a must have while others are up to you and depends on your account type:-

  1. Are you choosing the Professional account? It is $0.00 first month free. Then after a month it is $39.99 per months but you can always switch to individual account if you choose to.
  2. If you are choosing the Professional account, then what is your base line or break even point? Again this boils down to how much you want to start with. (Your Initial capital).
  3. You may not need your bank details handy right away but on your seller account, it will be needed to send your payment so you might just as well do it at once right from the beginning.
  4. Are you considering the individual account? Which by the way is $0.99 cent per unit of every item sold and preferably best choice for  beginners.
  5. Have you decided on your seller name yet? Because believe it or not someone else probably has the same name as yours. You can use your own name but lots of folks out there use alias or even better still, use their company name. The point here is to be different and unique and if you are brand oriented with your private label for example then use it.
  6. You will need to have your W-9 Form handy with your social security number as Amazon is required to report payment with the IRS.
  7. You need to ask yourself which sub-niche you want to go into. Is it Private labeling? Or Retail Arbitraging? How about Wholesale and Treasure Hunting with your FBA program? Again these are optional as it is not a requisite but very vital decision you should make on your own.
  8. You will need a lively credit card very handy.


Things To Watch Out For and Be Careful With When Signing Your Agreement With Your Amazon FBA Account Set Up

  1. Read the agreement thoroughly before accepting
  2. Amazon has the right to deduct from your account if it goes negative as a result of warehousing and or shipping cost not paid as suppose. That is if you have insufficient fund in your account balance.
  3. Be very clear of which type of account you want. Either professional or individual account and make sure you understand your responsibilities to maintain it.
  4. The power to deduct from your account is clearly stated on the second part of your agreement should you say you weren’t aware if such event occurs. Usually this will not be an issue as you will be busy making more money from your items which will in turn take care of your fees.
  5. Therefore peal your eyes on your account to make sure it stays out of negative.
  6. How do you choose to send your inventory? Are you mix-mingling them? (commingling) Or labeled? I would prefer labeled as this will ensure your items doesn’t get mixed or sent wrongly to buyers which will make angry buyers and first impression go wrong. You don’t want to start off with very bad rating are you?
  7. Always have it at the back of your mind to carefully select your products.
  8. Avoid selling items that are prone to counterfeiters because you could be seen as selling fakes and run the risk of getting your account closed not to mention bad rating and high customer returns.
  9. Make you understand that you are responsible for paying your sales tax. This is very important. In fact it is the most important and it is stated very clear in their agreement F-14 Tax Matters. Although they offer sellers tax collection services for a fee, it is up to you and you will need a State Registration Number depending on your location from and  where you want Amazon to do the services for you.
  10. You can choose to take things slowly or step by step and see how your business pans out before worrying yourself with all the paper work involved with registrations.


In conclusion, we started with what to expect in this post without wasting any of your time. I showed you a general overview of how to simply start with Amazon FBA account. By now i am sure i have helped you understand:-

  • The things you will need to have handy before setting up your Amazon FBA account
  • Things to watch out for and be careful with when accepting the your agreement
  • And thirdly i hope i haven’t ended up putting the fear of fears inside you and probably scared you off getting involved with this ever green and continues growing business opportunity thank God for Amazon?

If you still here then very big kudos to you because despite the few hassles and uncertainty, being an Amazon FBA seller gives you great opportunities to make lots of money and the possibilities are endless. I read about this two friends in Australia few months ago, who were just goofing around with common slippers foot wares and one day, they managed to put a twist into the design just for fun. Few months later and with the help of Amazon FBA seller account, they now have ware houses filled with stocks and still can’t even meet up with demand for their product.

So yes! There is money to be made and it takes money to make it with Amazon FBA. Just a little for a start. So i will say go right ahead and open your seller account, start sourcing for your products and see what is working for you.

I have managed to put together on this link some great tools and resources that will help make you achieve better results and faster.

I will love to hear from you on how you are doing and your experience because no one is an Island. A lot of folks can also benefit from your experience and if you have any question of comment please do so in the box provided below.

If i have helped you today with this post would you mind helping share the hell out of it on your social media network?




10 thoughts on “Simple Start With Amazon FBA

  1. Christian

    Hey Richard, thanks for writing this. I have a small business that sells shirts and a few other odds and ends like drink koozies and things of that nature. I’ve been fulfilling my own orders but it gets tough to stay on top of them in the busy seasons and we’re coming up on one now.

    Can you provide some detail on what some of the benefits are of going pro versus a personal account? I would think that I would probably just need a personal account but I would like your evaluation of the two.

    1. admin

      Hi Christian,

      Thanks for the wonderful comment i appreciate that.

      The great news for you is that your are already doing great. You are in a perfect face for re-positioning and if you do it right, this Christmas might turn out to be the best for you.

      Now with your experience i am sure can be comfortable with business account. Am sure there is no contract. Just try it out for a month and if it doesn’t suit you then you can always switch back to personal account.

      But it has been known that their business account gives you more opportunity as business to make more money as you can list more things especially if your items are moving well. Its all in the profit margin and if you can price your items appropriately to cover those little costs, with little room for profit, and steady sales there is no telling how far you can go with your success. That right there is what make you successful with Amazon FBA.

      This is purely from my research findings and i have no business interest or affiliate with Amazon FBA. Just pure tips and helps for you to succeed.

      So yes give their business account a try. Give them a call and someone on the support deck will be happy to guide you through. They are good like that. You are ahead because you already know what you want. Some folks has no clue and that is why they go in blindly and fail. And that is why i founded to help guide them appropriately.

      Another last tip i will leave you is to start thinking of private labeling of your own item. That is where the money is right now.

      I am working on a guide project on this currently and i will test it before releasing out.

      All the best and i hope this helped you today.


  2. John Monyjok Maluth

    Great post, Richard. I have tried to be registered for this, but I could not sell anything, because I was not sure which type of account to choose. I live in South Sudan, and I find it hard to get verified by Amazon when filling the forms. My country is not listed on many different sites, not only Amazon.

    Is there a way for me to fill the form successfully? Now I understand the different accounts, such as an Individual or Professional.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Richard U. Post author

      Hi John,

      Thanks for commenting from Sudan i really appreciate that and i hope you doing well?

      Yes as you can see you have already solved one of your hick-ups which is choosing which type of account to go for thanks to my post and i am glad to be of help towards that.

      The second issue may really be an Amazon global region thing and there is not much any one can do other than keep trying and hope your region will be approved. They must have some good reasons for that.

      My suggestion is keep it up. Nothing is impossible and you can achieve anything you set your mind to achieve because there is no such thing as impossible.

      Another tip is to try and communicate with their help and support team or customer service person within the FBA department. I am sure someone will listen to you and guide you appropriately. Amazon is a global multinational business firm. They love to expand and i am sure there is no way someone on the help deck will not like to here from you.

      You never know, your issue might prompt them to expand beyond those region which will be fantastic for you so give them a call. You have nothing to lose. There is power in doing than not doing at all.

      I hope this helps today? Please do let me know.

      To your success.

  3. Lynne

    Thank you for all this information, I wasn’t aware that there was so much that goes into FBA. I certainly had no idea you had to pay and could end up with Amazon deducting money off your account so thank you very much for sharing about that.
    I am sure there is a great opportunity to make money with Amazon FBA but like you say you must know all the ins and outs before starting.

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Thanks Lynne for the comment and i am glad you found the post very informative and useful. Indeed there are lots of ins and outs that people are so in a hurry that they overlook and it may become a burden at the long haul. But with the right tips here and there one can be at least well equipped to embark on the a successful journey called Amazon FBA selling.

      Thanks again and all the best going forward.


  4. Neil

    I have been looking at various ways to make money with Amazon, and all of them seem pretty much awesome ways to earn a little extra income online.

    The Fulfillment By Amazon service sounds like a great way for business owners to easily sell products and make money.

    Thanks very much for all your advice here, and it will be a very big help to me if I decide to use Amazon’s service to sell products in the future.


    1. Richard U. Post author

      Thanks Neil for commenting and i am glad you found my post very helpful and useful. Indeed Amazon FBA is the way to go if you have the right guide and how to successfully utilize the opportunities there in. I will be making more posting soon and i will also touch on important aspect of drop shipping that will change the way people do it for better and bigger results.

      Feel free to bookmark this page and you can always come back to ask any questions if you need hand along the way.


  5. Andrew

    Hmm, so that’s how Amazon FBA works. I’ve heard of it from many people but never really studied what it’s all about. Guess I got my answer today. One thing I hate about this is the location issue. Not everyone has the opportunity to work with Amazon. I’m from Malaysia. Guess the only thing I can get with Amazon is their associates program.

    1. Richard U. Post author

      Yep that is how it works. If you repeat and rinse with precision then you have your self another business on the side or even quit your job and give it a 100%

      You are right about location and that is why many folks who are into this type of business choose to stay within there local reach. Its another kind of niche narrow down but this time it is location.

      Thanks for commenting and let me know if there is anything i can do further.



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